Arnie’s Retirement Announcement

Dear friends and clients,
As the New Year begins I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to all of you. I have spoken to many of you already and yet there are many more who may not have heard: that I am now officially retired from my acupuncture and healing practice. The last 45 years have been a delightful journey of sharing life experiences and connections with you. It’s been a humbling and rewarding career that has allowed me to serve you and others in a healing capacity. Thank you.🙏🏼

Some of you may be wondering – what’s next for me? Well, my intention during the months ahead will be to pursue my other interest, which is writing. I will be heading to Bowen Island to begin a month long writer’s retreat in March. Beyond that, when we can safely meet in group settings, I hope to share my other lifelong interest: meditation and embodied living, including the Feldenkrais Method. If you wish to stay in touch and receive the occasional newsletter on my activities and offerings please let me know.

May you be well and best wishes for 2022.

Yours most sincerely,

Arnie Lade

2 thoughts on “Arnie’s Retirement Announcement”

  1. Congratulations on your retirement Arne. I’m grateful for the wonderful and effective healing you have given me over the years.


  2. Arnie
    I am happy for you. You’ve given years of valuable healing to so many people. I am sad for me because you were my go to guy when no one else was skilled enough to put me back to rights.
    You will be missed.
    Best wishes,


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