Winter 2022 Classes

Warm Winter Greetings! 

I look forward to this term of Feldenkrais ‘Awareness Through Movement’ classes, with the addition of my series “Trauma Recovery – Basic Resources”.
I’ve timed the ’Trauma Recovery – Basic Resources’ series for evening this term, to allow for some folks who were unable to do a daytime class. Please note this series is NOT therapy, but primarily experiential with an educational component. At the beginning of each class we’ll spend a little time learning about nervous system function, how to recognize states, and tools for working with survival energies: tools from Feldenkrais Method, Tellington-TTouch, and Somatic Experiencing. We will spend the greater part of most classes experiencing a Feldenkrais ATM lesson and occasionally another modality.

If you have done either of these series in the past and found them helpful and worthwhile, please consider passing on the information to anyone you know who might benefit, or to your practitioners. I’d be grateful for any referrals.

I hope you can join us for some renewal time on the floor! May we each continue to find that smile in the heart, that exists beyond our circumstances…

Best wishes…

Diane Lade

Winter 2022 Schedule

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